a creative house 241 Spadina Avenue, 2nd floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada • M5T 2E2



JAXX designs, produces and delivers moving narratives for every platform, serving clients from conception through execution in commercial, episodic, feature-length and now 3D, AR & VR projects. JAXX knows today’s audiences expect and respond to branding and communication that is delivered as a multiplatform strategy open to engagement. That’s a moving target – not a single story, or many stories in a campaign. To hit this target, and keep hitting it, demands the art/craft of building an ongoing narrative.

At JAXX, the disciplines of creative, production and post conspire to realize a concept’s promise. We built JAXX because the service industry is fragmented. Our single house of idea and execution matches design-driven thinking with technical excellence to get the message out as quickly as possible.

We are always communicating across specialties and disciplines, sharing skills and insights with our team and our clients, to ensure narratives are relevant and resonant.

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